2019 USA Regional Semifinalists for Mathematics

The following 7 student groups are for the final demo/presentation at Harvard University.

We are pleased to inform the following student groups are the semifinalists for the 2019 Yau High School Science Award in the Math category. We cordially invite the semifinalists to participate in the semifinal round of the competition. The semifinal presentations will take place on Saturday,  November 2, 2019 at the Harvard Science Center (Address: 1 Oxford St, Cambridge, MA 02138).

#School NameStudent GroupInstructorPaper Title
1Jesuit High SchoolRupert LiYibo GaoCompatible Recurrent Identities of the Sandpile Group and Maximal Stable Configurations
2The Taft SchoolXiaohan YeJoseph ZipoliOn the Finiteness of a Special Family of Polynomials
3Abel Academy (will attend Stanford Online High School in fall 2019.)Espen SlettnesJesse GenesonMinimal Embedding Dimensions of Rectangle k-Visibility Graphs
4Phillips Exeter AcademyLucy CaiDamin WuA Study of the Carathéodory Conjecture through the Perturbation of a Rotationally Symmetric Surface
5The Roxbury Latin SchoolChristopher ZhuPakawut JiradilokEnumerating Permutations and Rim Hooks Characterized by Double Descent Sets
6Choate Rosemary HallZiyan LeiShuliang BaiRicci-flat 5-regular graphs
7Westminster SchoolMichelle WuSteve MillerBiases in First and Second Moments of the Fourier Coefficients in One- and Two-Parameter Families of Elliptic Curves