2020 USA Regional Semi-Finalists (Updated on Nov. 2, 2020)


#NameSchoolPaper title
1Jessica ZhangProof SchoolClassification of tight contact structures on a solid torus
2William ShiNorthview High SchoolRefinements of Product Formulas for Volumes of Flow Polytopes
3Richard ChenLexington High School (Richard Chen), Belmont High School (Jason Tang), Phillips Academy Andover (Nathan Xiong) [MIT PRIMES] *
Few Distance Sets in lp Spaces and lp Product Spaces
Jason Tang
Nathan Xiong
4Jiaying (Lucy) CaiPhillips Exeter AcademyA Study of the Carathéodory Conjecture through Non-Rotationally Symmetric Surfaces
5Jeremy ZhouPhillips AcademyConstructing Rooted Trees From Their Order Quasisymmetric Functions
6Quanlin ChenPrinceton International School of Math and ScienceThe Center of the $q$-Weyl Algebra Over Rings with Torsion
7Justin WuProof SchoolBorel Cohomology of S^n Mapping Spaces
8Kenta SuzukiCranbrook Kingswood Upper SchoolMeromorphic functions with the same preimages at several finite sets
9Sean LiMonte Vista High SchoolThe Penney’s Game with Group Action
10Karthik SeetharamanMassachusetts Academy of Math & Science at WPI (Participant 1), Commonwealth School (Participant 2), Newton South High School (Participant 3) [MIT PRIMES] *Schur-Positive Upho Posets and Planar Upho Posets
Ilaria Seidel
Joshua Guo
11Yuxin XiePhillips Academy AndoverFrom period to quasi-period to chaos: A continuous spectrum of orbits of charged particles trapped in a dipole magnetic field

* If more than one participants contribute to one paper, these participants should either attend a same high school or be enrolled in a same reputable math program approved by Yau Award committee (eg. MIT PRIMES).


#NameSchoolPaper title
1Yuehan WangOaks Christian SchoolTotal Removal of Formaldehyde indoor by Al-based Metal-Organic Framework Decorated with Pt Nanoclusters via Tandem Adsorption and Catalysis
2Ishan KhareOttawa Hills High SchoolDiscovery of Novel Compound NaAsS2 for Photovoltaic and Thermoelectric Applications by Computational Analysis of Nine Sodium Pnictogen Chalcogenides
3Lilin HanBishop O'dowd High SchoolBioinformatic analysis of coronavirus spike glycoproteins and its molecular dynamic simulation with ACE-2 receptor


#NameSchoolPaper title
1Ziyao ZhangCulver AcademiesEfficient Instantaneous Channel Propagation Modeling for Aeronautical Communications System in Aircraft Safety Assessment
2Yunseo ChoiPhillips Exeter AcademyRacial Impact on Infections and Deaths due to COVID-19 in New York City
3Jerry Zongren ZhangMary Institute and Country Day SchoolTunable Broadband All-dielectric Perfect Absorber Based on Phase Change Material
4Kenneth ChoiRidgefield High SchoolConstructing General Hamiltonian Ground States on a Quantum Computer Using the Projected Cooling Sensor Algorithm
5Angela ZhouMagee Secondary SchoolAn Investigation of a Dark Sector Interaction Model to Solve the Hubble Tension
6Guanni QuThe Shipley SchoolHow did water filled traffic barrier shake Humen Bridge?
Xiaoyu Zhang
Shibiao Wei


#NameSchoolPaper title
1Anqi WuThe Albany Academies for GirlsID4 Is Responsible for HMGA1 to Promote HCC Cell Lineage Plasticity and Tumorigenicity
2Hubert ChenWest Windsor-Plainsboro High School SouthSystematic Analysis of Genetic Variation of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and Implication for Cancer
3Ruiyao ZhuThe Hill SchoolFinding the Magic Bullet for Glioblastoma through Transcriptomic Analysis
4Neil ChowdhuryPhillips Exeter AcademyModeling the Effect of Histone Methylation on Chromosomal Organization in Colon Cancer Cells
5Suoyi FengThe John Carroll SchoolTargeting C-C Chemokine Receptor 1 (CCR1) Mediated TNF-α/NF-kB Pathway: A Novel Approach to Allergic Rhinitis (AR) Therapy
6Zipeng LinBasis Independent McLeanA new model incorporating neural network and differential equation on forecasting COVID-19's infected population
7Yingshan WangEpiscopal High SchoolSingle-cell RNA Sequencing Analysis of Human Neural Grafts Revealed Unexpected Cell Type Underlying the Genetic Risk of Parkinson’s Disease
8Shuwen ZhangThe Webb SchoolsMining Common Structural Features of Aggregating Proteins in Neurodegenerative Diseases
9Qingyuan LiuTrafalgar Castle SchoolUntargeted Metabolomics Analysis of Serum Metabolites in Zucker Diabetic Fatty Rats
Sze Ying Quach
10Jinqi LiuThe MacDuffie SchoolSimulation and Analysis of Action Potentials in Pyramidal Neurons Based on the Hodgkin- Huxley Model

Computer Science

#NameSchoolPaper title
1Hyunwoo LeeSkyline High School (Daniel Hong),  Interlake High School (Hyunwoo Lee), Interlake High School (Alex Wei)Optimal Solutions and Ranks in the Max-Cut SDP
Alex Wei
Daniel Hong
2Kevin ZhaoWayland High SchoolText Is an Image: Augmentation via Embedding Mixing
3Linda ChenLexington High SchoolReducing Round Complexity of Byzantine Broadcast
4Jiatong XieThe Webb SchoolsA Novel Method of Music Generation Based on Three Different Recurrent Neural Networks
5Vishaal RamMilton High SchoolA modified age-structured SIR model for COVID-19 type viruses
6Jeffrey PanPhillips Academy AndoverOn Intrinsic Dataset Properties for Adversarial Machine Learning
7Jason YangBelmont High SchoolOn Updating and Querying Submatrices
8Hongyi GaoPhillips Exeter AcademyHeatmap.Live: Crowd Mobility Tracking and Forecasting using IoT Sensors and Transformers
9Haozhe ChenStevenson SchoolA Novel Automatic Feedback System for Chinese Learners via Inception-BiLSTM-CRF, BERT, and POS Analysis
10Yici (Isabel) CaiGroton SchoolUMap-OT: A Novel Generative Model Eliminating Mode Collapsing

Economic and Financial Modeling

#NameSchoolPaper title
1Matthew WengLoomis Chaffee SchoolRisk and Loss Preference Change Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic
2Yunseo ChoiPhillips Exeter AcademyOn Two-sided Matching in Infinite Markets
3Cheng GuoUrban International High SchoolResearch and Analysis on the influence of delayed retirement on the income and expenditure of pension in China
4Gongchen LiuSt. Anne’s-Belfield SchoolThe Impact of Serious Disasters on Consumption Habits of Senior Population in China
5Alex Yi LiangPhillips Exeter AcademyA Test for Asymmetry of a Sample Distribution Based on Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test with Applications to Daily Asset Returns in Financial Markets
6Betty Yuxuan ZhangNorthfield Mount Hermon SchoolHigh School Sports Participation and Mental Health Benefits: Do Girls Benefit More?
7Tiankai WuMilton AcademyOptimization of Tourist Evacuation based on Advanced Ant Colony-Revised Dijkstra Algorithm
8Charles WangTexas Academy of Mathematics and ScienceMarket Inefficiency and Intelligent Arbitrage in Cryptocurrencies
9Junxue HuangThe Haverford SchoolThe Social Integration Ability and the Floating Population’s Returns to Education in China
10Xiyue TanWyoming SeminaryEconomic Benefits and Costs of Convenience in Gig Economy - The Effects of Online Food Delivery on Car Accidents and Unemployment
Runyu Liu
Kaiqi Shen