2020 YHSSA USA Regional Medalists


NameSchoolPaper title
GoldKenta SuzukiCranbrook Kingswood Upper SchoolMeromorphic functions with the same preimages at several finite sets
SilverJiaying (Lucy) CaiPhillips Exeter AcademyA Study of the Carathéodory Conjecture through Non-Rotationally Symmetric Surfaces
BronzeJessica ZhangProof SchoolClassification of tight contact structures on a solid torus
BronzeRichard ChenLexington High School (Richard Chen), Belmont High School (Jason Tang), Phillips Academy Andover (Nathan Xiong)Few Distance Sets in lp Spaces and lp Product Spaces
Jason Tang
Nathan Xiong


NameSchoolPaper title
GoldYuehan WangOaks Christian SchoolTotal Removal of Formaldehyde indoor by Al-based Metal-Organic Framework Decorated with Pt Nanoclusters via Tandem Adsorption and Catalysis
SilverIshan KhareOttawa Hills High SchoolDiscovery of Novel Compound NaAsS2 for Photovoltaic and Thermoelectric Applications by Computational Analysis of Nine Sodium Pnictogen Chalcogenides
BronzeLilin HanBishop O’dowd High SchoolBioinformatic analysis of coronavirus spike glycoproteins and its molecular dynamic simulation with ACE-2 receptor


NameSchoolPaper title
GoldAngela ZhouMagee Secondary SchoolAn Investigation of a Dark Sector Interaction Model to Solve the Hubble Tension
SilverKenneth ChoiRidgefield High SchoolConstructing General Hamiltonian Ground States on a Quantum Computer Using the Projected Cooling Sensor Algorithm
BronzeYunseo ChoiPhillips Exeter AcademyRacial Impact on Infections and Deaths due to COVID-19 in New York City
BronzeJerry Zongren ZhangMary Institute and Country Day SchoolTunable Broadband All-dielectric Perfect Absorber Based on Phase Change Material
BronzeGuanni QuThe Shipley SchoolHow did water filled traffic barrier shake Humen Bridge?
Xiaoyu Zhang
Shibiao Wei


NameSchoolPaper title
GoldYingshan WangEpiscopal High SchoolSingle-cell RNA Sequencing Analysis of Human Neural Grafts Revealed Unexpected Cell Type Underlying the Genetic Risk of Parkinson’s Disease
SilverNeil ChowdhuryPhillips Exeter AcademyModeling the Effect of Histone Methylation on Chromosomal Organization in Colon Cancer Cells
BronzeSuoyi FengThe John Carroll SchoolTargeting C-C Chemokine Receptor 1 (CCR1) Mediated TNF-α/NF-kB Pathway: A Novel Approach to Allergic Rhinitis (AR) Therapy
BronzeRuiyao ZhuThe Hill SchoolFinding the Magic Bullet for Glioblastoma through Transcriptomic Analysis
BronzeShuwen ZhangThe Webb SchoolsMining Common Structural Features of Aggregating Proteins in Neurodegenerative Diseases

Computer Science

NameSchoolPaper title
GoldHongyi GaoPhillips Exeter AcademyHeatmap.Live: Crowd Mobility Tracking and Forecasting using IoT Sensors and Transformers
SilverHyunwoo LeeSkyline High School (Daniel Hong),  Interlake High School (Hyunwoo Lee), Interlake High School (Alex Wei)Optimal Solutions and Ranks in the Max-Cut SDP
Alex Wei
Daniel Hong
BronzeVishaal RamMilton High SchoolA modified age-structured SIR model for COVID-19 type viruses
BronzeYici (Isabel) CaiGroton SchoolUMap-OT: A Novel Generative Model Eliminating Mode Collapsing
BronzeJeffrey PanPhillips Academy AndoverOn Intrinsic Dataset Properties for Adversarial Machine Learning

Economics and Financial Modeling

NameSchoolPaper title
GoldYunseo ChoiPhillips Exeter AcademyOn Two-sided Matching in Infinite Markets
SilverBetty Yuxuan ZhangNorthfield Mount Hermon SchoolHigh School Sports Participation and Mental Health Benefits: Do Girls Benefit More?
BronzeAlex Yi LiangPhillips Exeter AcademyA Test for Asymmetry of a Sample Distribution Based on Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test with Applications to Daily Asset Returns in Financial Markets
BronzeCharles WangTexas Academy of Mathematics and ScienceMarket Inefficiency and Intelligent Arbitrage in Cryptocurrencies