2021 YHSSA USA Regional Medalists


NameSchool namePaper title
GoldNeil ChowdhuryPhillips Exeter AcademyInterplay Between Loop Extrusion and Compartmentalization During Mitosis
SilverAnish MudidePhillips Exeter AcademySARS-CoV-2 Drug Discovery based on Intrinsically Disordered Regions
BronzeHelen ZhengWatchung Hills Regional High SchoolRole of ABC Transporters in Anticancer Drug Resistance and Sensitivity
Honorable mentionYixuan YunForest Ridge of the Sacred HeartTargeting of AURKA, AURKB, and MKLP2 by GHG192 Blocks Cytokinesis
Honorable mentionJunyue MaMiss Porter's SchoolUsing Single-Cell Analysis to Explore Prognostic Genes in Prostate Cancer


NameSchool namePaper title
GoldHelen ZhengWatchung Hills Regional High School3D Modeling of SARS-CoV-2 RDRP Mutant Proteins in Drug Resistance and Viral Evolution
SilverHubert ChenWest Windsor-Plainsboro South High SchoolA Computational Approach to Identify Small Molecules Interact with the Crystal Structure of Programmed Cell Death Protein 1 as Potential Therapeutics for Cancer Immunotherapy
SilverJingchen WangPhillips Exeter AcademyMolecular Dynamics Study of The Structural and Mechanical Properties of Polymer Insertion In Calcium Silicate Hydrate
BronzeSheng Chun ChangNorthfield Mount Hermon SchoolAn “Artificial Leaf” that can generate oxygen and electricity
BronzeSicheng DingGeorge SchoolTailoring Zr-Based Metal–Organic Frameworks by Decorating UiO-66 with Amino Group for Adsorption Removal of Perfluorooctanoic Acid from Water
BronzeDavid YanCharter School of WilmingtonCapturing Carbon Dioxide From the Air Using an Electrochemical Cell

Computer Science

NameSchool namePaper title
GoldYihao HuangPhillips AcademyEfficient Algorithm for Parallel Bi-core Decomposition
Claire Wang
SilverRemington KimBergen County AcademiesOrphaDRGL: A Novel Graph Deep Learning-based Drug Repositioning Approach for Orphan Diseases
BronzeDongcheng HanPhillips Academy AndoverDynamic convolutional networks for 3-dimensional reconstruction
BronzeYavor LitchevLexington High SchoolSignature Scheme with Access Control
BronzeJeremy YuSt. Mark's School of TexasGradient-enhanced physics-informed neural networks for forward and inverse PDE problems

Economics and Financial Modeling

NameSchool namePaper title
BronzeWendi WangConcord AcademyThe Orphan Drug Act, Rare Diseases, and Life Expectancy


NameSchool namePaper title
GoldYi LiangPhillips Exeter AcademySome Computations on Instanton Knot Homology
GoldWilliam YueMIT PRIMESPatterns in the Lattice Homology of Seifert Homology Spheres
Isaac Zhu
Karthik Seetharaman


NameSchool namePaper title
GoldAlex HuThe Harker SchoolImproved Graph Formalism for Quantum Circuit Simulation
SilverBohong SuValley Christian High SchoolThe Generalized Brachistochrone Problem with an Arbitrary Hamiltonian
BronzeVincent LiDanbury Math AcademyTransferability of the Fast Gradient Sign Attack on Quantum Neural Networks
Honorable mentionHenry LanePennsbury High SchoolA more realistic initial condition for simulations of turbulent molecular clouds
Honorable mentionYunze LiPeddie SchoolForce Analysis on Car Crash and Potential Improvements
Yi Yan