2022 YHSSA USA Regional Medalists


NameSchool namePaper title
GoldYi(Anna) YangMilton AcademyImproved Ethanol Tolerance and Production in Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Mutant of Saccharomyces cerevisiae
GoldAnish MudidePhillips Exeter Academy (MIT PRIMES)Neural Granger Causality on DAGs Reconstructs Gene Regulatory Networks from Single-cell Transcriptomics
SilverNina Qi Han GengCollège Jean-de-BrébeufIdentification of DDX60 as a Regulator of MHC-I Class Molecules in Colorectal Cancer
SilverBohan LiuPhillips Exeter AcademyComputer System Uses the EPSEIRV and SI3R Model to Produce Epidemic Projections and Aid the Arrangement of Hospitalization Resources During Pandemics
BronzeIrene Yicheng JiangConcord AcademyCGRP-RAMP3-cAMP Signaling Axis in Helper-T Cell Differentiation


School nameNamePaper title
SilverKent SchoolHoward HuaPressure Induced Electronic Responses of Vacancy-Ordered Double Perovskites Cs2BX6 (B = Zr, Pd, Sn; X = Cl, Br, I)
BronzeRutgers Preparatory SchoolZhijian MaoDetermination of Global Migration Single Defect Site and Its Electronic Structure with Various Sizes
BronzeHoldernessShengchen GuanSynthesis of Hyperbranched Dual anti-counterfeiting Polymers Based on Michael Addition Reaction
Leon Huang

Computer Science

NameSchool namePaper title
GoldMichael HuangPhillips Academy (MIT PRIMES)Theoretically Efficient Parallel Density-Peaks Clustering
SilverBomin WeiPrinceton International School of Mathematics and ScienceDeepLPI: a novel deep learning-based model for protein-ligand interaction prediction for drug repurposing
BronzeRohan T BhowmikThe Harker SchoolA Personalized Respiratory Disease Exacerbation Prediction Technique Based on a Novel Spatio-Temporal Machine Learning Architecture
BronzeHyojae ParkMIT PRIMESPrivate Access Control for Function Secret Sharing
Eliyahu Yablon
Simon Beyzerov
Honorable MentionsRuihan ZhangThe Athenian SchoolGCN-TRN: Efficient Transformer based Electric Vehicle Charging Demand Forecasting System
Honorable MentionsYibo ChengPrinceton International School of Mathematics and ScienceMin-Max Optimal Matching
Honorable MentionsAndrew TungMenlo School (MIT PRIMES)New Properties of the Intrinsic Information and Their Relation to Bound Secrecy
Karthik Vedula

Economics and Financial Modeling

NameSchool namePaper title
SilverXiaoxuan LiThe Hockaday SchoolThe Signaling Effects of Post-Secondary Education Starting Points: What Community Colleges Mean for Four-Year Universities and Students Pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree
Honorable MentionsBenjamin FanMIT PRIMESDeep Learning for Solving and Estimating Dynamic Macro-Finance Models
Edward Qiao
Honorable MentionsYankai FengAthenian SchoolSponsored-link auction and market segmentation in two-sided markets


NameSchool namePaper title
GoldEdward YuLakeside School (MIT PRIMES)A Turán-Type Problem in Mixed Graphs
SilverEthan Y LiuThe Harker School (MIT PRIMES)The Ideal of Vanishing Polynomials and the Ring of Polynomial Functions
Matvey Borodin
Justin Zhang
BronzeJingyi ZhaoThe Bear Creek SchoolOn the Accuracy and Efficiency of Differential Equation Estimators: Numerical Analysis and Modifications to Existing Methods
BronzeEthan ZhouMcLean High SchoolOnline Learning of Smooth Functions
Honorable MentionsEric CuiThe Episcopal AcademyDimensionality reduction of the freedoms constituting The Index of Economic Freedom
Honorable MentionsYifei ZhaoPhillips Exeter AcademyA Family of 3-Manifolds Arising from the Plumbing Construction
Honorable MentionsBailing HouSkyline High SchoolCOVID-19 Vaccines: How Widely Are They being Used and Are They Safe for the General Public?


NameSchool namePaper title
GoldJiayi ZhouInstitut Le RoseyChemical and kinematic analysis of the ancient star J0449?-5656 and its origins in the early universe
SilverIshaan VohraPhillips Exeter AcademyNuSmear: Fast Simulation of Energy Smearing and Angular Smearing for Neutrino-Nucleon Scattering Events in the GENIE Event Generator
BronzeCindy LinMira Costa High SchoolBrownian Thermal Noise of Thin Optical Coatings and Optimizations of Mirror Shapes
BronzeXingchuan MaPortsmouth Abbey SchoolAerodynamic Analysis of a Car based on Computational Fluid Dynamics and Machine Learning
Honorable MentionsKen ChengCrescent SchoolA Need For Speed: Enhancing F1 Race Cars with a Novel Computational Fluid Dynamics and Machine Learning Method
Honorable MentionsJack LiuDanbury Math AcademyIdentifying Thermokarst Lakes in the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau Using Discrete Wavelet Transform--Based Deep Learning
Olivia Liu
Andrew Li